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Deck Porch & Siding Cleaning

Deck Services Offered
We will clean your deck of debris, dirt and grime as well as scrub it down with eco-friendly cleaners  to remove mold and mildew. We recommended this service twice a year to not only maintain the appearance of your deck by slowing or stopping decay, moss or mold. All areas around the surface will be covered with plastic to guarantee the protection of your family, pets, home, plants and yard.

Your front porch is an very important resource for your home. First impressions are always very important. If the entrance to your house is a mess, then it doesn't matter how organized the inside of your house is, you're still perceived as "messy". Let Oscar Smith increase the value of your house with a good washing, starting with your front porch.

Deck Cleaning ...
Siding Cleaning
Does your siding look like it could use a good cleaning? If it does a thorough cleaning by Oscar Smith will make it look new again. Call us today to find out what we can do for you.

Clean Siding ...

We Use All Earth Friendly Chemicals
Say goodbye to hazardous chemicals. Say hello to cleaner air, clean water and clean soil.

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